About Holy Hive Honey

After 30 years of being a  family company pioneer and passionate for honey and bees, we founded  the brand Powder Honey Holy Hive. A 100% mexican business that was created with the purpose to promote smart and quality products based on honey, easy to use and mix, portable, low in calories, and without spills or stains.

As an aware company of the habits of honey consumption, our labor was to improve and produce a sweetener that matches to a consumer that is more demanding with specific needs and not only into a local level, but to an international market with a modern, practical and healthy lifestyle.





pounds of honey sold


thousands bees on the farm


bees families


hectares of fields


How we produce our honey

Making honey is a complex and unique process

Holy Hive is a nutritious superfood, that gives energy and sweteen your beverages and food in a natural and practical way.

To obtain  Powder Honey it is required to take 18% of the water in the  honey, once the liquid is removed we obtain the honey into crystals, powder honey or dehydrated honey. Therefore, Powder Honey is still as beneficial and favourable for your health as liquid  honey.

Protection of the honeybee


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